Disability Housing

Qustify supported fully automatically via the Vecozo Switching Point ( VSP ) the complete message traffic Awbz – wide Care Register ( AZR ) . From indications and care allocations are Qustify read automatically , all automatically converted into Care Files for planning. The scheduler is fully supported by Qustify . Depending on the choice of the health care plan can be fully implemented by planners semiautomatic Qustify because the scheduler indicates which employees are suitable to use or fully automatic. Uses Portals and Apps , the planning can be fully implemented by the care teams themselves .

Whatever choice an organization makes , planning uses the fully integrated HRM system in which workers with different types of contract , Flexible workers , freelancers , Temporary Employees , Subcontractors , and Volunteers WWB’ers ( Work and Social Assistance ) are integrally incorporated . Qustify supports structural and incidental planning by grid or smart Qustify matching technology .

Information is available in real -time during the contract plans and cost data of employees , to achieve margins , availability , distance and provide care within the framework of the bandwidth of the indicator / zorgtoewijzing.

Software by Care and Welfare professionals

Qustify knows what goes around in the care and welfare industry. We are more then 15 years active in this branche and are helping more then 10.000 people doing there jobs everyday.

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