Document Management System

Paper files: a thing of the past!

The structuring of activities and the orderly arranging of the many files for customers, employees and projects, is of essential importance for any organization. Legistlation and professional organizations enforce a range of requirements when it comes to guaranteeing quality. With Qustify DMS all documentation can be filed and retrieved digitally and conveniently. A complete archive, of high quality standards and optimally searcheable.

Qustify DMS efficiently optimizes your correspondence with the customer, employee and project, while retaining a clear house style. It integrates the MS-Word documents that you use for correspondence with yoru relations. The data that are known witin Qustify are automatically entered by Qustify DMS. This saves much time and minimalizes the risk of mistakes. You can also make your own MS-Word templates. This is a one-time activity, optimizing your house style.

Additionally, documents can be made available to your customer or employee via the portals.

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