We are fully aware of the fact that we manage your data and application Qustify in one of our data centers . The datacenter in which we manage your data is physically distributed across two different buildings , belongs to the absolute top of the Netherlands and meets the highest requirements and standards ( Tier 3 + equivalent , NEN – ISO 27001 , BORG Class 4) and is provided :

Emergency power . UPS ( battery ) plus diesel generators that start automatically at power within seconds .

Access . An access control system with biometric authentication ensures that only authorized employees and visitors coming into the server rooms .

Air Conditioning. All server rooms are equipped with air conditioning to ensure that both the temperature and the humidity level remains constant.

Fire detection. The server rooms are equipped with a double fire detection with conventional detectors as an early warning system .

Fire extinguishing system . All server rooms are equipped with a gas extinguishing system , which brings the oxygen content in these areas down to fire .

Security Camera . Throughout the property are cameras installed. As can be seen what happens in the premises remotely.

Burglary . The property is Borg Class 4 secure . The alarm system is connected to two different control rooms.

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