Public Relations Studio

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The Qustify People Management Platform works entirely online. To operate relationship with all stakeholders in your organization optimal, operate Qustify PR Studio developed for the Communications Department. PR Studio is a separate portal that is fully integrated with Qustify and provides the following functions.

Template Builder
The Template Builder was design for simple template making. The Layout is made out of predefined elements (modules) which can be easily rearranged by drag n’ drop. Furthermore it includes a simple interface which allows an upload directly to your Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor account.

Newsletters are easily and quickly made ​​and distributed by email, Qustify apps and portals. The email addresses remain up-to-date linked from Qustify CRM and HRM modules.

CMS for Portals
Maintenance module for Qustify Portals.

CMS for Apps
Maintenance module for Qustify Apps.

CMS for Websites
Maintenance module for Qustify Websites.

Admin tool for QGroups
With the administrator rights on the QGroups platform you can easily maintain users, groups, forums etc.

Design tool for CSQA
Quickly and easily create surveys with Qustify CSQA and distribute in the portals and apps.

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