WEB 3.0 Webservices

Semantic web

In order to provide for the ever growing need foor applications to mutually support each other, Qustify presently offersvarious solutions within its Qustify EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) module.

In the dynamics of organizations there’s a growing need for further combination and integration of the various applications.

Qustify now offers for its customers a solution for total integration with Qustify based on the principles of a semantic web, Qustify Web 3.0.

Total integration with other applications

Qustify Web 3.0 give organizations an advance in efficiency and effectivity. By applying international standard protocols (SOAP/XML), other applicateion can be effortlesly integrated. Based on clear standard documentation, connecting is a sinecure.

Qustify offers a very high level of data integrity. Where most applications handle logic via screens, Qustify has integrated this logic into the database. The result is that other applications can apporach Qustify without risk. This makes Qustify unique in approachability and options offered to other applications.

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